Orthopedic and Nero Rehab Summit by PESI

Ron Blehm

For more than three decades, Ron Blehm has worked in a variety of clinical settings, from Sports and Occupational Medicine to Home Health and Primary Care. Ron brings this wealth of practical, hands-on experience, and his enthusiasm for patient outcomes to his seminars and presentations.

Ron’s depth of clinical knowledge is further highlighted by his research work and publications, having been involved in researching clinical outcomes on topics ranging from Knee Arthritis, Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia, to Parkinson’s, Falls and various topics in Veteran populations. Ron holds a number of post-graduate certifications and says that his years spent as a Firefighter / EMT influence his approach to patients, even to this day.

Ron is currently employed by the Midwest Veterans Healthcare Administration, embedded with an interdisciplinary “Patient-Aligned Care Team,” as a Rehab Primary Care provider. He is also the owner of consulting business which provides seminars and continuing education content for Rehab and Medical providers as well as for patients and their caregivers.

On a more personal note, Ron is married and has two adult children. He enjoys time in the great outdoors hiking, exploring, and paddling and he says that it is easy to convince him play volleyball or to watch some Euro-League football; he’s also usually down for pizza as well!