Orthopedic and Nero Rehab Summit by PESI

John O’Halloran

Is a board certified orthopaedic clinical specialist with over 30 years of experience in the field of orthopedics. Dr. O’Halloran has studied orthopedic and sports therapy abroad in Australia and New Zealand. Dr. O’Halloran, owner of and practices at O’Halloran Rehabilitation, a division of O’Halloran Consulting, LLC.

He is credentialed with the McKenzie Institute in the mechanical diagnosis and treatment of the spine and has extensive post graduate training in manipulative therapy of the spine and extremities and is a certified SCTM-1 Practitioner with certificates in SMT-1, SMT-2 and SMT-3 with the American Spinal Manipulative Institute. Dr. O’Halloran is also a certified functional capacity evaluator in the Blankenship Method.

He has presented over 1,300 seminars both locally and internationally on various orthopedic and sports medicine topics. In 2014, John was the recipient of Clinician of the Year and Excellence in Clinical Practice Award by the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association. Recently, Dr. O’Halloran’s investigational work on the earlier facilitation of gait in the Total Knee Arthroplasty patient has been cited in a peer-reviewed journal publication. Dr. O’Halloran was an invited speaker in Jan 2024 International Orthopedic Conference Assiut Egypt.