Orthopedic and Nero Rehab Summit by PESI

The moment you've been waiting for - CE time! 

The evaluations for the 17th Annual Rehab Summit can be completed by clicking on the links below. Please note that some boards require participants to complete post-tests, in addition to the evaluations, to receive credit. Please see the list of boards below the links before starting your evaluation.  

It is recommended that you complete the evaluation in one sitting and within 30 days of the conclusion of the live event. If you close your browser, you will need to start over.  

In Person Attendees 
Rehab Summit Evaluation: https://www.pesi.com/eval/7106466 
Rehab Summit Evaluation with Test Questions: https://www.pesi.com/eval/7106477 

Boards that require the evaluation and tests for in-person attendees: 
Athletic Trainers (BOC), AOTA, Michigan PT 

Online Attendees |
Rehab Summit Virtual Evaluation: https://www.pesi.com/eval/7106488
Rehab Summit Virtual Evaluation with Test Questions: https://www.pesi.com/eval/7106499

Boards that require the evaluation and tests for virtual attendees: 
Athletic Trainers (BOC), AOTA, PACE, Florida Massage Therapists, Nevada PT, Louisiana PT, Ohio PT, Michigan PT, Wisconsin PT, Minnesota PT, and New Mexico PT