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Thought Technology, founded in 1975 in Montreal, QC, Canada, is the world’s leading Biofeedback designer and manufacturer, with well established, worldwide distribution in almost every corner of the globe.

Thought Technology designs and distributes biofeedback solutions for the fields of psychophysiology, elite sports, peak performance, and Physical Rehabilitation, and has long standing relationships with leading bodies globally, including, among others, NASA, armed forces, Formula1, Olympic medalists, FIFA and more.

Alongside bringing to market the most advanced solutions for various types of biofeedback equipment, from the simplest to the most complex, Thought Technology prides itself in promoting education and supporting clinicians and communities around the globe in advancing the field of Biofeedback. Making the science of Biofeedback understandable, relatable, affordable and thus achievable to everyone is our goal, helping people help themselves and achieve greatness, and unlocking human potential.

All of Thought Technology solutions are Medical device grade, proudly made in Canada, FDA, CE, ISO certified and have all the appropriate registrations in every country they are sold.

In the field of physical rehabilitation, Thought Technology focuses on SEMG biofeedback for the reeducation, control, relaxation and training of muscles, combined with electrostimulation currents, providing complete solutions for therapists and patients.
Thought Technology also encourages rehabilitation professionals to learn about our heart rate variability and stress indicator measuring devices for treating chronic pain issues and improving patients’ quality of life.
Furthermore, Therapists working with athletes and sport professionals are welcome to discover our line of peak performance solutions, designed to give this population the psychophysiological extra edge.

Thought Technology has a range of devices to fit different settings, goals and budgets.

For inquiries and assistance in the field of physical rehabilitation, we encourage you to contact the physical rehabilitation product manager, a physical therapist himself, who will be happy to assist with any question and requirement:

Geva Antopolsky,
1 (800) 361-3651 Ext. 146

(800) 844-8260
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